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Growing together as a OEM/ODM partner

Trust — For You, From You

If you are a start-up venturing in wood-based products and toys or an existing manufacturer of toys like to convert to wooden toys, we can become your OEM partner and you can repose your complete trust in us for delivering quality products. Our production team is fully geared to understand the process flow and deliver the finished product as per your production flowchart. Our team has wide experience in setting up production processes for any kind of wood-based product. We employ our expertise to ensure products are made to minimize costs and maximize quality and at the same time maintain the production rate. What we guarantee is high competence and extreme diligence in manufacturing products for you. You can trust us implicitly as we will require very minimal interventions from you. We protect your IPRs, designs and processes by including the clauses in our OEM contract. We will also sign a separate NDA that will include all the standard clauses to your utmost satisfaction.

End to end total solution

As mentioned earlier, if you are a start-up or if you want to change over to making wood-based products from your existing plastic-based products we are the best option to offer you end-to-end total solutions that will make you highly competitive in your market. You will earn the goodwill of your customers because of the innovation, usefulness and safety of products manufactured by us as your OEM partner.

On time every time

We have an evolved system of listening to all stakeholders in our business such as our employees, vendors, industry professionals and associated businesses. We take their feedback seriously and evaluate them and adopt them if found feasible. We have a competent team handling our maintenance activities 24/7. Our running AMCs ensure our equipment and machinery run efficiently with hardly any breakdowns. We have backup plans in place for every contingency. Our factor of safety is high as a result of our diligence.

Win-Win strategy

We mentioned we are your ODM/OEM partner and as such there is a two-way flow of information and exchange of ideas. This helps both of us to progress steadily towards achieving a common goal of increasing our bottom lines. Being exposed to the consumer end of wooden products, we know how important is customer focus for you and therefore for us. We would, of course with your permission, interact with customers and see for ourselves what improvements we can make in our processes to eliminate any dissonance felt by customers after using the products we have produced. This helps us that much more in tweaking the end to end solution to meet the stringent scrutiny of your customers.

We listen to our customers

Customer first is our mantra and you are the fulcrum on which all our activities are centred. We are symbiotically connected to you. If there is any issue at your end because of us we don’t rest till it is resolved. We engage with you till we get to the root of the issue and solve it post haste. We recognise your compulsions and act accordingly.

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