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What we can and what we do

At Wooden Toys Factory, we have developed a keen sense of anticipation of what customers want. Our robotic technologies and the experience we have gained in helping various industries to improve their operational efficiencies have allowed us to innovate and think of opportunities that can be grabbed. We have a host of products that we can offer you either as OEM or ODM products.

The list of products we are capable of manufacturing include:

  • Wooden Toys – Toys made from Hardwood (Beechwood and Neem), Plywood(3D Puzzles) and MDF
  • Wooden Furniture for Kids – Furniture made from Hardwood and Plywood
  • Wooden Ride-on for Kids – Scooters, skate boards…etc. made from Hardwood and Plywood
  • Corporate gifts – Gifts made from Plywood and Hardwood
  • Apparel Accessories – Hangers, etc made from Plywood
  • Cutlery – Spoons, chopping boards…etc. made from bamboo and hardwood
  • WPC products – Injection Moulding, Die cast toys

We can develop any other product that may be required in the market.

Besides wood, we have the capability to make products with Wood Plastic Composite (WPC). WPC is a new composite material combining the positive attributes of both wood and plastic. WPC offers more leeway to design than wood and adds greater strength and rigidity than plastic providing higher safety than plastic.

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